life in plastic, it's [not] fantastic

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In the sun-kissed realm of swimwear, where every piece tells a tale of sea-soaked elegance, there's a twist to the plot that needs a brighter spotlight. Plastic.

Many swimwear brands contribute to the global plastic crisis. From synthetic fabrics to packaging, the industry has long been entangled with the harms of plastic pollution. Microplastics, stemming from synthetic textiles, find their way into the ocean, disrupting marine life and ecosystems.

At BORNEO, we believe it's time to confront this issue head-on and redefine the narrative around swimwear.

In our pursuit of sustainability, we are committed to minimising our plastic footprint. We've taken the first crucial steps towards a more responsible approach by offering plastic-free packaging alternatives. Your swimwear should arrive as a gift to yourself, not burdening the planet.

While our packaging proudly champions plastic-free solutions, we acknowledge the complexity of the swimwear fabric itself.

The Nylon Dilemma

When it comes to swimwear, nylon has been a longstanding staple due to its strength, elasticity, and quick-drying properties. However, nylon's origin from fossil fuels raises concerns about its environmental impact. We recognise that achieving a fully plastic-free swimwear line is currently a challenge, but we remain committed to exploring alternatives and minimizing our reliance on virgin nylon. By understanding the lifecycle of materials and embracing innovative solutions, we can mitigate the negative effects of nylon on our planet.

In our journey towards a no-new-plastic goal, we've opted for recycled materials without compromising quality. It's a delicate balance—one that recognizes the environmental impact of plastic use while ensuring your swimwear remains a timeless companion on your seaside adventures.

We embrace transparency. We understand the gravity of our choices, and we are actively exploring innovative alternatives to further reduce our reliance on recycled plastics. Our commitment is unwavering—to create swimwear that exudes elegance without leaving a plastic footprint.

Life in plastic is far from fantastic, but together, we can reshape the narrative. As you explore the beauty of our swimwear, know that we're striving for a future where the allure of the sea is not marred by the harms of plastic.

As you indulge in the delightful search for swimwear, we urge you to select a brand that aligns with your values and is dedicated to investing in a sustainable future. While we hope that our brand resonates with you, we understand that your preferences may vary. Regardless of your choice, we applaud your commitment to responsible shopping and preserving our planet.


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