sustainability report 2023

During 2023 year we encountered a wave of delays and had to postpone our launch for 2024. However, we still have an impact on the environment. Here you will find what we have been up to regarding: carbon emissions, people and product.

What have we done to reduce our environmental impact during 2023?

Due to our continued setup activities in 2023, we identified the areas that would be the most impactful throughout our current supply chain and operations.

We had already sourced our materials in 2022. However, we did include sourcing for our pouches this year. We use organic cotton for these.

During 2023, we focused on packaging and manufacturing.

For packaging, we have to consider pre-consumer and post-consumer packaging.

For our pre-consumer packaging, we depend on our manufacturers. While we choose them for their sustainable practices, nobody is perfect. This means we do use some plastic at this stage. However we do ask to keep packaging to a minimum and we do our best to avoid re-packaging.

For post-consumer packaging, which is the packaging that would arrive at your door, we are using responsible packaging. We're able to keep this plastic free. You can read more about it here.

Our main manufacturer is located in Bali, Indonesia. This is due to our limited productions and their alignment to our environmental ethos. However, we're not blind to the additional environmental cost posed by shipping our products over long distances. As a subcategory, we identify transportation to be a potential pain point when it comes to our environmental impact.


At the moment air travel accounts for the majority of our transportation needs. We expect our total transport impact to increase upon launch due to shipping our products. Thi is not good enough.

For this reason, we encourage ground travel for shipments and are making it a priority when it's possible.

* Most of our shipments in 2023 were done by Fedex, DHL Express and local postage. We aggregate the shipment related emissions by using Fedex's sustainability report and DHL's carbon calculator.


We know there's room for improvement. If you have any suggestions on how we can reduce our carbon footprint even further, send us a message at