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life cycle & traceability

Dive into transparency and sustainability with our swimwear collection. Explore the intricate journey of our swimsuits, meticulously traced from recycled yarn origins to recycling initiatives.

Pre consumer

What happens before you get your pieces?

The swimwear we make not only incorporates recycled materials but also follows a comprehensive and responsible production process, from its yarn origins to its recycling initiatives.

1.  From raw materials to yarn (Slovenia & Northern Ireland).

ECONYL® regenerated nylon: The process begins with the collection of pre and post consumer waste. This waste is meticulously sorted, cleaned, and regenerated through a pioneering process. The reclaimed nylon undergoes a process to create a high-quality yarn, ready to be woven into fabrics. This is done in Slovenia.
Elastane yarn renowned for its quality and durability, made in Northern Ireland. 

2. From yarn to final fabrics (Italy)

Our fabrics undergo the transformative journey from yarn to final form within the skilled hands of artisans in Italy, where meticulous craftsmanship meets unrivaled expertise in dyeing. Italy's renowned textile heritage contributes to the creation of fabrics that seamlessly marry quality, sustainability, and timeless elegance. 

3. From fabrics to garments (Indonesia)

The transition from fabrics to garments is a seamless fusion of creativity and precision. Each piece of swimwear is expertly cut and sewn. Marking the transformation of recycled fabrics into stylish, high-quality swimwear. 

We're currently working on an alternative to manufacture closer to home, to reduce the cycle's transportation needs. In the meantime you can read about why Bali (Indonesia) is the best choice for us.

4. Ready to wear, packaging (France)

Once we have our finished products, we store them safely. Upon ordering we add all relevant hang tags, hygiene liners, stickers and make sure it's packaged properly for you. Based on your specific location, it will reach you by road or air transportation. We always prioritise road when this is an option.


What can you do while you own it?

5. Wear life (you)

We hope you enjoy the pieces and love them as much as we do. We pride ourselves in our products quality. Our swimwear is intended to be used for seasons to come.

However, make sure to follow our care tips to ensure the swimwear's condition is preserved for as long as possible.


You're done with it. Now what?

Commitment beyond wear – our responsibility does not end one the product reaches you.

6.a Re-home / Donate

We encourage you to hand your garments down to someone else to elongate their life. This way they stay at stage 5 for as long as possible. However, if this is not feasible, you can send them back to us.

6.b Inspection (France)

Once we receive the swimwear, it will go through inspection. Pending on the state we will give them a second life (#5) or recycle them.

7. Recycling (France)

If we cannot give the items a second life, they're put in our Zero Waste Box™.

8. TerraCycle®

Once full, the box is shipped to TerraCycle® where it is sorted, turned into plastic granules and transformed into new products.